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Our Story

Funny Name – B&B Pecan Processors of North Carolina is a distributor of local products? Here is how and why.

In 2000, Alan Bundy, the owner of B&B Pecan Processors (B&B) resigned his position as an electrical engineer to pursue a startup candy company, Elizabeth’s Pecans, and a pecan business from an orchard his father planted in 1991.

Alan was working with the North Carolina of Agriculture marketing department on selling pecans in a major grocery chain and wanted to expand the sales of his pecans.

The grocery chain had decided they needed 1 distributor to manage the entire section instead of utilizing the 20+ vendors. Not wanting to lose the current business, he inquired how to be a distributor. After meeting with the Grocery management team, B&B Pecan Processors became a local products distributor. Alan took the seats out of the family van and started working the 9 stores on a bi-weekly basis, selling all the products required for the section.

With the help of the NCDA marketing group, the number of stores quickly totaled 72.

In 2023, B&B now has 5 warehouses in 3 states, services 5 regional, 2 local chains plus the NC & SC military commissaries. The total stores exceed over 1500 stores.

Currently, we manage over 250 local items for 100+ vendors.